Donald E. Conant

Erika recently catered a party for my wife and I in Los Gatos, and for my father-in-law’s birthday party in Saratoga last weekend. Erika really did a great job on both. She takes time before hand to really understand what her clients are looking for.

She comes exquisitely prepared, everything was done just as we wanted, and she and her crew are lovely to have around. We really enjoyed the entire experience.

And speaking as our household’s resident dishwasher, I can tell you that I don’t think I even touched a dish, and was really able to enjoy the party as much as our guests. Oh, and to top it all off – the food was delicious (my wife’s side of the family are all Gourmet-magazine reading, Julia Child idolizing foodies – a tough lot to please – and they were all happy as well, which – trust me – is a pretty major accomplishment in the food universe). Did I mention she was also reasonably priced?

Anyway, great food, nice person, outstanding execution. I hope you’ll give Erika your consideration to be your next caterer.