Dori S.

Subject: Bar mitzvah.

Dear Erika, Thank you so much for the memorable luncheon you served our guests—close to 100 of them—on Saturday. The food tasted great and it was presented beautifully. The menu we came up with (composed salad with dried fruit & nuts, steamed asparagus with lemon butter, pesto pasta, chicken cassoulet, three gourmet pizzas, cheese board [gormet goat cheese], and a lemon sorbet in raspberry sauce from locally grown berries) was imaginative and delicious. I loved that it capitalized on the use of fresh local ingredients, and it was so perfectly attuned to our family’s gastronomic preferences.

Working with you was a lot of fun. At the outset, I really didn’t know what kind of menu I wanted. You started me off with a lload of good ideas and were patient and creative as we developed the menu over the several meetings and phone calls. I particularly appreciated how flexible you were with some of my special needs (goat cheese, affordable dessert, good strong coffee, etc.) This resulted in a luncheon that was just perfect for us.

Several impressed guests asked me for you name and phone number, I hope you share this letter with prospective customers. Based not only on our luncheon but also on the other two events of yours that I attended this summer, I’d recommend you to anyone, without reservation. Your the greatest: a Santa Cruz culinary treasure. Thanks for everything!