Judy B, Program Coordinator Arbor Cove Senior Commons

Subject: Arbor Cove holiday dinner

Dear Erika, Thank you for the fantastic job you did catering our holiday dinner!

Everything was delicious and served piping hot right on time. You are so gracious and well-organized that you gave the impression that dinner for 35 was no trouble at all which, of course, contributed to the residents’ sense of relaxation and well-being. I also very much appreciate your accessibility and flexability, it’s alway a joy to work with you.

I just got back from the holiday and hadn’t been in the office for five minutes when a resident came in and sais “That was a great dinner! I think it was the best party we’ve ever had!” Arbor Cove has been around for eleven years and every year there are about ten parties – so that is saying a lot!

I think you might be hearing from my son about catering his wedding this summer, I told him to hurry and book the incomparable Erika.